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Start your students on a learning journey that will broaden their horizons.

Rocket Languages has a unique approach to language learning. Unlike most online language courses, we don't deliver a "one-size-fits-all" solution. That's because everyone learns differently. Instead, we curate a comprehensive program that lets every student learn in the way that suits them best. This more flexible approach means that everyone can learn faster and more effectively. So give your students the tools they need to progress with confidence. They'll enjoy:


Interactive Audio lessons

These approximately 30-minute, podcast-style sessions are based on real-life conversations. They're available online and can also be downloaded for offline learning. In these lessons, we break down the conversations so learners gain listening and comprehension skills. They also start speaking out loud straight away, which gives them the confidence to use their new language immediately.

Language & Culture lessons

These lessons teach grammatical concepts so that students can create their own sentences, rather than just repeating memorized phrases. The lessons also give an insight into cultural aspects like greeting customs, favorite sports, traditional food and more.

Writing lessons

We provide writing lessons for languages with a non-Roman writing system. These lessons teach students how to read and write in the language's native script.

Student walking
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Get a proven method for long-lasting results.

The way in which we curate your students' language-learning journey is based on robust science, insight and years of research and development. All this knowledge is delivered through:

Science and technology

We combine voice recognition technology with learning reinforcement activities - such as listening comprehension, writing practice, and vocabulary testing - to boost language retention and speed up proficiency.

Increased learning flexibility

We've designed Rocket Languages to meet the needs and learning styles of modern-day individuals. That means making our courses available anywhere, at any time! Courses are accessible on all desktop and mobile browsers (with best results on Chrome and Safari), as well as on all Android and iOS devices. We also synchronize each learner's progress across all their devices, which means that students can always pick up right where they left off - no matter where they are.


Enhance your students' abilities with tools that are perfect for teachers and learners alike.

Rocket Languages is the best solution to complement your classroom. Our courses accommodate your needs and give you management tools for tracking and reporting your students' progress. You'll get:

Discounted Education Licenses that are fully inclusive and transferable

Our Education Licenses give each of your students full access to one Rocket Languages course in any of the 13 languages we offer. Licenses are valid for 12 months and are transferable. This means that you can reset licenses, reassign them to new users or switch them to a different course at any time.

Education Licenses that give you access to a centralized tool to track your students' progress

The administration area shows you a real-time report of all your students' usage at a glance. This lets you keep track of how they're progressing, so you can make sure they're getting the most out of their language learning. It also allows you to access individual accounts to see how long each student has spent learning and which lessons they have completed.

Rocket Languages provides the most comprehensive online language courses. Our licensing platform and discounted Education Licenses are the answer for you and your students. Contact us using the form above for a full demonstration and pricing information.