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Why Rocket Sign Language?

We take you to the heart of American Sign Language and give you everything you need to understand both the language and Deaf culture.

With Rocket Sign Language, you'll...

  • Have lifetime access to your course.

    Sign language can be yours for life, and we believe your sign language course should be too. With Rocket Sign Language, you can come back in a month, a year or even a decade and still have full access to your courses. You'll also get all of the updates and improvements that we make for free!

  • Perfect your signing ability.

    If you can sign words clearly and correctly, then you know you'll be understood by people in the Deaf community - which is why we teach you to sign just like they do. Our Rocket Sign Language course provides you with thousands of videos that you can slow down, speed up, fast forward, and rewind, so that you can really learn to sign like a native speaker.

  • Get core vocabulary down pat.

    Improving your vocabulary is an important part of expanding what you're able to say in sign language, so we provide you with a series of vocabulary lessons grouped by topic. They allow you to easily learn the most important words and phrases that you need in order to communicate.

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  • Remember what you cover.

    You'll put a lot of time into learning sign language, so we make sure you can remember it all by including a fun and engaging practice activity in every lesson. This activity uses algorithms to identify where you're having trouble and helps you practice problematic words and phrases until they stick.

  • Learn how American Sign Language actually works.

    Knowing a few set phrases in American Sign Language can be helpful, but will only get you so far in real-life situations. We take you step by step through how the language works so that you can build sentences on your own and actually take part in conversations.

  • Get access to the Rocket Sign Language Dictionary.

    Finding out how to sign new words can be difficult, so we've created the Rocket Sign Language Dictionary. This searchable dictionary contains videos showing you how to sign thousands of different words and phrases.

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    • Be ready to fit in with the community.

      Communicating and connecting with people in sign language isn't just about signing correctly - it's also about understanding the culture. We get you ready for this by taking you through some essential aspects of Deaf culture and etiquette.

    • Get courses tailored for American Sign Language.

      A lot of other courses out there take a cookie-cutter approach, using the same template for every language they teach. At Rocket, we understand that no two languages are exactly alike! That's why we've carefully crafted Rocket Sign Language to include what's practical, relevant, and useful for the language you are learning.

    • Stay on track and stay inspired.

      Motivation is key to learning a language, so we make sure to provide you with a wide array of motivational tools and techniques. They'll keep your interest up and your focus sharp so you can meet your goals and make better progress.

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