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What customer service? I'm only in the first lesson though, so we'll see. Im an intermediate spanish learner from university classes and took the placement test, but I wish there was a way that would tell me what I need to study or what level to be at so I don't have to pick one at random. It seems kind of expensive compared to other options, I really liked pimsleur a lot too, and rocket spanish doesn't seem as streamlined. It does give practice on speaking though that other sites didnt. I've tried paid Duolingo (level 72), and paid pimsluer (finished Module 2), I even tried paid spanish dictionary.com (which was better than expected), and this is the only one that you don't have a monthly fee for. It also has A TON of content, but lacks some of the gamification of duolingo so it's a little more dry. The learning seems less intuitive and listening based than pimsleur though. I'll update the review if I make it through very much more of rocket spanish, but this was the fourth time it asked for a review so here it is.

Response from Rocket Languages

Thank you for your review and for your suggestion on Rocket Spanish. We will make sure to pass this on to the development team. It's good to hear that you are enjoying aspects of the course. We wish you all the best with your Spanish journey!